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The devil’s in the details. This shirt has the pieces to get you through any day.


  1. 4-oz. 100% organic cotton.
  2. Crisp semi-spread collar.
  3. Made from 100's 2 ply fine cotton shirting fabric.
  4. Single button angled cuff.
  5. French front with no pocket.
  6. Tailored fit and high armhole.
  7. A bit longer for optimal tucking.
  8. Double stitched buttons & button holes.
  9. Genuine trocha pearl buttons.
  10. No pleats for easy ironing and clean lines.
  11. Pre shrunk.
  12. Wash cold and tumble dry low.
  13. Made in China.


We're committed to building products for the long haul. This is Restitch—our revolutionary program to repair, renew and recycle old wares.