The Hardtack Sweater

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There's no expiration on our Hardtack. Created to stand the test of time—from the everlasting, goes-with-everything demeanor, to the meticulous construction, down to the sheepskin elbow reinforcements. This handsome donegal-flecked sweater will beat the chill tomorrow the same as it will in 2028. Plus the cashmere yarns guarantee it's more comfortable than just about anything else you own...


  1. 100% Pure Cashmere.
  2. Super soft handfeel.
  3. Donegal flecks add amazing depth and texture.
  4. Jersey Stitch construction.
  5. Real Sheepskin tan elbow patches.
  6. Ribbed neck and cuff with double thickness
  7. Dry clean only.
  8. Made in China.


We're committed to building products for the long haul. This is Restitch—our revolutionary program to repair, renew and recycle old wares.