The Democratic Jean

Cone Mills Standard
restitch $52
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  1. Good as newNo visible flaws; looks unworn.
  2. Lightly WornVisibly worn but in good condition.
  3. Well WornHeavily worn. See item notes for specifics.
Used; Professionally hemmed at 28 inches. Minor stains on backside of right pant leg. Minor thread pulls at hem of pants.


Tough as nails, better fitting, fairly priced and 100% American made - just like blue jeans should be.


  1. Simple, clean and classic. A man's jean.
  2. A tailored yet democratic fit.
  3. Medium rise with shape to keep the back waistband against your skin and some extra space to accommodate the boys.
  4. Proudly made in San Francisco, CA.
  5. Button fly.
  6. YKK copper shanks and rivets.
  7. Custom San Francisco map pocketing.
  8. 36" inseam.


We're committed to building products for the long haul. This is Restitch—our revolutionary program to repair, renew and recycle old wares.