The Democratic Chino

restitch $42
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  1. Good as newNo visible flaws; looks unworn.
  2. Lightly WornVisibly worn but in good condition.
  3. Well WornHeavily worn. See item notes for specifics.
Used; Altered to length 29", moderate fading throughout and minor discoloration at fly. Too faint to depict in photo.


The most comfortable and hardest wearing chino out there.


  1. Proudly made in Spain.
  2. Simple, clean and classic flat front chinos.
  3. Room in the thigh for the athletic fella and slightly tailored below the knee so your shoes don't get eaten by your pants.
  4. Custom YKK shank and brass zipper.
  5. Custom printed San Francisco vintage map pocketing.
  6. Brushed fabric for perfect softness.
  7. Mercerized yarns for durability.
  8. 36" inseam to satisfy almost any height.
  9. Pre shrunk.


We're committed to building products for the long haul. This is Restitch—our revolutionary program to repair, renew and recycle old wares.