The California

Indigo Pyramid
restitch $66 - $74
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  1. Good as newNo visible flaws; looks unworn.
  2. Lightly WornVisibly worn but in good condition.
  3. Well WornHeavily worn. See item notes for specifics.


Goes anywhere, goes with everything and goes without saying that when traditional Japanese prints meet modern California styling the result is a new classic.


  1. 100% organic cotton.
  2. Signature soft California collar.
  3. Single rounded pocket.
  4. Tailored fit & high armhole.
  5. Perfect length to tuck or untuck.
  6. Double stitched buttons & button holes.
  7. Light horn buttons.
  8. No pleats for easy ironing & clean lines.
  9. Pre shrunk.
  10. Wash cold & tumble dry low.
  11. Made in China.


We're committed to building products for the long haul. This is Restitch—our revolutionary program to repair, renew and recycle old wares.