The Albion Jacket

Restitch$171 - $214
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  1. Good as newNo visible flaws; looks unworn.
  2. Lightly wornVisibly worn but in good condition.
  3. Well wornHeavily worn. See item notes for specifics.
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The Albion utilizes a classic design and tech fabrics to create the perfect mid-weight insulated layer. Windshell outer and a high loft fleece lining provide the ideal mix for everyday warmth.


  1. This product is ineligible for discount codes.
  2. 60 g/m2 2-way stretch windshell nylon fabric
  3. Nylon shell is water resistant and fast drying.
  4. 203g/m2 Polartec® high loft fleece lining
  5. Prym metal snaps
  6. Woven tape reinforcements under all snaps
  7. External stuff sack
  8. Proudly made in USA.


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